10 Must Do Exercises for Weight Loss



The truth about exercise is that as long as you want to shed some pounds, you must do lots of it. There lots of products in the market that lie that you do not need exercise to shed weight. Nevertheless, if you are on a weight loss mission, you ought to accept the universal truth; to reach you target weight, you must exercise.

Weight lose exercises can be fun. Here are some enjoyable weight loss tips to help you lose weight the fun way.

  1. Jogging

Jogging is a full body workout that requires very few equipment namely a pair of nice running shoes. Jogging a few kilometers each day has various benefits:

  • Improved metabolism
  • Increased endurance and fitness index
  • Increased burning of excess fats

Start your jogging slowly and progressively increase the distance and intensity of daily jogs. It is always best to focus on increasing your distance. With today’s fitness apps, it is easy to calculate the number of calories burnt for each jogging session. As a rule, good music is your best companion when jogging.

  1. Walking

Jogging may be too intense for some folks. The next best thing is walking. It is also ideal for those who might have joint problems. Walking has several merits over jogging:

  • It is easier safer and most certainly more manageable to start
  • It is social in that you can easily invite friends or your family for a walk, for example, hiking up a hill or a stroll in the park
  • it is comfortable and not easy to get bored since you can always pick a different route if you get bored with your daily paths

again there are various fitness gadgets and apps that can help you calculate the calories you burn each time you walk. Walking does not even have to be a formal undertaking. You can always incorporate it into your work for instance by taking the stairs rather than the lift at work. Good company and music will always make your walks enjoyable

  1. Weight training

Weight training lets you lose weight even after the exercise in what is termed as the after-burn. This is why most weight loss diet plans advise that you hit the gym as part of the plan. Weight training comes with added benefits of toning the body, especially for women. Lifting weights help build your muscles mass as you continue to burn excess fat. Fat burning doesn’t stop when your gym session ends but goes on for 48 hours after your best workout to lose weight.

  1. Cycling

A bicycle could offer you one of the most fulfilling cardiovascular exercises you could ever undertake. In addition to burning fat and shedding extra pounds, you will enjoy breezing past those stuck in traffic, and you could even get into a little cycling competition to motivate you to work even harder.

More Fun Exercise to Try Out

If you desire to push your workout a little further, you could also try out; these are the quickest way to lose weight.

  1. Rowing
  2. Step aerobics
  3. Racquetball
  4. Swimming
  5. Rock climbing
  6. Skiing

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