10 worst pollution for health

10 worst pollution for healthAs the human being is getting more advanced and civilized it is also panting a ruining side of its society by polluting the environment, by introducing pollution into its natural environment. Now, what is pollution? Pollution is the contamination of unnecessary and harmful substances into the environment. This environmental pollution actually pollute our ecosystem and have a worst effect on the health of human being and all creatures living on the earth.

Cause and types of pollution:

This pollution is being injected into the environment by human being

  • As a bi-product of rapid industrial development
  • Avoidance and violence of the rules of green marketing.

In simple words you can say that as with the advent of technology industrial sector had grown rapidly but this technology had not given significance importance to cope with the pollution which will be introduced into the environment, resultantly our environment is now victim of variety of pollution. Like smoke coming from factories and vehicles introduce air pollution. Noise from a number of sources causing noise pollution. Drainage and sanitary water from the factories are left to fell directly into the rivers causing the water pollution. Letting garbage and especially industrial waste to spread on the ground cause the land pollution.

Effects of pollution:

All the types of pollution are very dangerous for health and environment. How let consider an example, but first we should keep it in mind that pollution is caused by the contamination of the harmful substances. The Water of a river is contaminated with the industrial wastes, which are mainly deadly chemicals. This contaminated water is used for the irrigation of the agricultural lands, no these harmful chemicals firstly harm the quantity production of the crops, secondly as they were sucked by the crops (e.g. crop was an eatable one) these poisons substances become the part of your food and go into your body and badly effect it causing various diseases. Secondly it can turn the fertile land into barren ones.

Smoke and other such gases in air are causing atmosphere pollution and that are inhaled by the human being, causes different disease ranging from a simple sore throat to lungs cancer.

Noise pollution had a worst effect on eardrums and hearing capabilities it can leave a person deaf, especially too much loud and noisy sound leave the even worse effect on infant’s ears.

Pollution facts:

  • Noise pollution which irritates every person most but is also a most neglected type of pollution in the world.
  • Environmental pollution is responsible to kill almost about over one billion people every year around the globe.
  • China and WE are two largest producers of carbon dioxide.
  • Trillions of gallons are discharged by a single and most developed country like United States of America ever year into the river without any purification.

How to Stop Pollution:

For stopping pollution to spread any more the primary and major step is to educate the people about its hazard and then next step would be the promulgation of the laws for keeping environment clean, announcing severe punishments for its violation.

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