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About Healthcare & care.com

Healthcarencare.com delivers relevant and authentic information in clear and simple language that provides contextual healthcare services through medical content. We provide insights from medical professionals and experts to real people and breaking news in the world of healthcare and medical breakthroughs. Our content is written in plain and simple language using real-life sources.

Healthcare&fitness.com is produced by medical advisors dedicated to delivering accurate, trusted and latest health and medical information for its users. Our focus is on problem-solving content to help our viewers in making effective decision during complicated and stressful medical conditions.

Evaluated Content with Accuracy

We do thorough research and analysis by consulting and discussing authentic board of Physicians, Medical Experts, Patients and advocates during production of our original content.


We Value Your Privacy

We maintain a strict Privacy Policy as we are totally aware of the solitude required in terms of healthcare. Health is a totally personal matter which has to be taken as private affair.

Terms to advertize on healthcare&fitness.com

Healthcare&fitness.com is contented to offer customer solutions tailored to meet your brand’s specifications. We provide advertiser opportunities to include media placement, sponsored programs, interactive tools and branded content integration. We also provide various levels of exclusivity.

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Customer Service: Get help with subscription inquiries, advertizing, business and editorial contacts.

Feedback: Contact us through email at healthcarencare@gmail.com

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