Effect of Contraception and Family Planning on Health

CONTRACEPTION AND FAMILY PLANNINGAs we know that the family planning definition is the concept of controlling the size of families or controlling the birth ratio especially for economic issues. This is done through contraception because it is the procedure to prevent pregnancy. Contraception is not only mean condom or pill. Generally contraceptive process avoids sperms from reproducing an egg during sexuality.

We can say that emergency contraception is the birth control in order to prevent pregnancy after sex that why it is also known as the day after pill. For this purpose, you can use it after 5 days of sex. S o we can say contraception is the oral contraceptives because it is also used for same purpose. It is very effective way to control birth and to prevent pregnancy.

There are many effective types of contraception. A contraceptive implant is the safe, effective and convenient form of contraception that prevents the pregnancy. Generally, this is a device that is putt under the skin for giving you an even dose of contraception without taking a daily pill.

Many effective methods are used to prevent pregnancy. Some use Diaphragm contraceptive. Basically, it is a hollow arch-shaped cup that is fits into the vagina to prevent pregnancy. If you really want to prevent pregnancy then it must have to fit well. You have to go a good family planning center for this purpose if you don’t know how this diaphragm is fits in the vagina then doctor or nurse measure your vagina to know the size that fits your vagina.

One you decide to use family planning to prevent pregnancy, you must have to select an effective family planning method. There are many types of family planning that are:


Through this method, women’s ovary is unable to release an egg and so that sperm is not reaching the egg.


This method is used to prevent the pregnancy and makes it difficult for sperm to reach the egg.


Permanent family planning is the type of operation in order to prevent pregnancy. This operation makes it impossible for a couple to have any baby.

All family planning services provides low-cost and effective sexual health care tips to both male and females. These services includes pregnancy tests, pelvic and breast tests, sexuality transmitted diseases, various methods for controlling birth and disbursing of emergency contraception. Many couples decide to take family planning pills to prevent pregnancy. These pills are also called as birth control pills. Women’s take pills by mouth because this is 99.99% effective technique to prevent pregnancy. Nowadays family planning centers doing this operation with latest machinery. Family planning operation also makes it impossible for a woman to have any children. This operation is also called tubectomy.

Men’s and women’s get confused about selecting any family planning method due to many contraception options. While the northland family planning is the best health care center for women’s searching for low cost and compassionate health care center in an effective and clean environment.







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