Effect of mental health on human personality


Definition of Mental Health:

Mental health can be defined as the physiological condition of a human being it can be further explained as the current situation of a person mind able to adjust and behave according to the emotions. If a person might struggle with this issue, then in this situation that person might suffer with depression, anxiety and as well as mood disorders this all counts in the mental health domain.

Mental Health Test:

Mental health test is required to know about the current normality or disorder in the person’s mind and this can be either positive or negative, for this issue the mental state examination is conducted to know about the current mental position of the person. There are various methods too for the mental state examination (MSE) which can easily tell about the current state of the mind of the patient. This might include personal questions about the patient’s life, activities and social life by the clinician or examiner.

Mental Health Disorders:

When the state of mind is not there it might be because of many reasons and this can create or establish a chance for mental disorders such as depression, illusion, hypertensive, hallucination problems and mood effects because it directly affects the mood of the person. This has the direct relationship with the mood and mental health disorder can easily effect on the mood on the person who is suffering from this state.

Mental Health Symptoms:

The symptoms of mental health can be observed in the people in the daily routine and these problems can be that feeling of sadness, worries and fear every time. One might feel that his concentrating abilities are decreasing every day and people might say that he’s very confused and puzzled every time. Hint of suicide and hostility are the main symptoms. Extra habit of drugs and alcohol with no social outings and gatherings with friends. The changing of mood becomes an uncertainty at this period of time and it can be high and low as well.

Mental Health Facts & Figures:

According to the study in Britain about ¼ of the world population will face mental health problems due to the frustration and tension arising around them. People might be shocked but one quarter of the world’s population will have to face and foresee this problem. Statistics, facts and figures also revealed that only two of the ten prisoners around the world have no mental disorder the rest of them have been gone in depression and are suffering from mental disorders.

Effects of Mental Health on Mood & Personality:

There are some real and astonishing effects of the mental health on the human mood and personality and as discussed above the people suffering from mental diseases or disorders are likely to be more quiet, low and alone. They just want to keep away themselves from the society and this hesitation of them can really create adverse effects on the vibe , we have detect and monitor that people sometimes suddenly react and they show their extreme anger which shows about the mental capacity and mental health of the people.

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