Eye Functionality and its Improvement

Eye, a Very Important Organ of Human Body:

eye-fitnessEyes are one of the very important organs among all of other organs of a human body. Or simply we can say that an eye is a blessing of God, without that we would not able to enjoy all other luxuries of this colorful world. An eye is a very delicate and sensitive part of a human body. It functions as for sight, vision and to look. A blind person is just like a bird without having wings, It can feel the air, can hear the voice of other normal birds, can eat, can respire, but the main thing i.e. its wings. Without them it cannot fly. The reason of its living is not present. It is really a curse for even a little bird. So just imagine we are humans and we need to see, feel, and walk, identify different people by their faces, but without an eye sight we cannot do this. It will become a curse for any human as well. Eye diseases are also included in the destruction of a normal eye sight.

This article is explaining the importance of eye care, reasons for its care and its improvement. If you are interested in finding these informative words, figure it out!

Eye Functionality and its Improvement:

Eye plays a very vital role in living a life normally and perfectly. Thus its care is also a very critical thing to be noticed. Some functions of eyes are here to look at:

-Basically it’s a camera for human body.

-Eyes give you a balance to maintain for walking, standing and for running.

-Detection of light, dark, medium spectrum of a light or objects.

-It provides you a focus of vision by its 6/6 eye range.

These were some simple and main functions of eye that are impossible to conduct without this blessing.

Improvement of an Eye sight:

The above mentioned function of an eye is showing you its significance. So it is really worthy to take good care of your eyes. Some tips that eye sight improvement needs are discussed here.

1-Blinking of an eye makes vision more clear:

It is the simplest way to keep your eyes clear and fresh. It leads to focus things keenly and for longer time period. Nowadays, computer and other these types of technologies are heavily contributing in destruction of eye sight. As computer users blinks less, other than the people who don’t use computers. So it’s a good exercise for them who are used to focus on screens for long term.

 2-Eat for your eyes:

Add Eye nutritional foods in your diet to improve vision and to decrease the eye disease rate. These foods may include carrot, pumpkin, sweet potatoes, egg yolks, yellow peppers and etc.

3- Give your eyes some rest:

Sleeping is the best way to provide rest to your eyes. Or you can sit in the dark to avoid taking stress on it. Your eyes are very sensitive organ and needs rest after some heavy work load.

These were some simple and most easy ways to put improvement in your eye vision, if you need to improve vision try these and enjoy the beauty of this blessing!

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