How to maintain Healthy Teeth Fitness

human-teeth3Oral care starts with taking good care of your teeth. There are unlimited reasons to keep your teeth healthy. The comfort of staying together, chewing nutritious food, give sparkling smiles to your loved ones, it’s all starts with healthy teeth and gums. Studies and research proves that gum and teeth diseases can lead other body organs to different diseases and also prone to heart problems.

To avoid these problems, luckily there are few simple ways to keep strong and healthy teeth for a lifetime.

Establish Early Habits

Statistically one in four children develops symptoms of tooth decay even before they start their schooling. Other figures show that half of children between ages of 12 and 16 have cavities.

What are we missing? Basically, dental care must begin as soon with appearance of first tooth in child. It must be wiped with a damp soft cloth or mild soft brush. Keep cleaning before and after every feed will lead to a healthy and germ free mouth. After the age of 2, develop your child’s habit in your supervision to try brushing and gargling by themselves before and after meals, especially before bed.

Adequate use of Fluoride

Fluoride helps in strengthening enamels and assists in decay prevention. Most toothpaste and mouth rinses comes with additional fluoride however, it must be used cautiously in kids as excess can cause white spots on teeth enamel.

Teeth decay and gum diseases are major harms in oral health causing severe teeth pain. Almost all ages of people are prone to bleeding gums, weak and sensitive teeth or cavities. It’s all about how attentive you are in account of cleaning and caring your teeth. These basics of oral teeth care must be followed from early age till life time.

  • Replace toothbrushes every 3 months; never use other person’s toothbrush.
  • Adults and kids with braces must use specific toothbrushes with other oral hygiene tools for cleaning.
  • There are modified toothbrushes available in market for people with arthritis and or other problems. It is strictly advised never to skip brushing and cleaning.

Facts that cause teeth pain

The harsh stride that caused by eating frozen snacks or drinking hot beverages are basic symptoms of sensitivity and weak teeth. Few know that besides oral procedures and known specifics, these signs are caused by some extraneous facts that lead to these oral troubles.

  • Acidic Foods: Yes, acidic foods such as lemon, tomatoes and pickles can cause reaction with teeth enamels resulting in thinning of enamel and creating sensitivity.
  • Tooth grinding: If you have this habit, chances of sensitivity rises with wearing down enamel and expose of dentin.
  • Teeth Whitening Toothpaste: whitening toothpastes comes with strong bleaches and chemicals that could damage your teeth’s enamel lining. To prevent this problem, always switch toothpaste with your dentist’s advice.
  • Frequent Mouthwash User: Some retail mouthwashes and rinses have strong chemicals and alcohols which are bad for teeth enamel. If you are obsessed with mouthwashes, try neutral rinses.

Whitening Solutions: Good or Bad

Mostly, those regular over the counter whiteners and strips are not that dangerous for your teeth. Although, you must ask your dentists if you are opting for the trays that may contain peroxide solution also they could restrain un-buffered solutions which are highly damaging to teeth enamel.

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