Human Kidney and Its Function

humankidney7Kidney works as purifier for many body secretions.  Total two kidneys are present in a human body. The location of kidneys is below the rib cage region. Lobed shaped kidney’s main function is to serve many different regulatory functions in a human body. Basically its work is to organic molecules from blood, which is present in excess amount. It’s another and very vital role is to remove waste product that forms in the result of body’s metabolic reactions. Hence kidney is a very important organ for human body to communicate better with other systems of the body.

Some Vital Functions of kidney:

These are some very important functions of kidney.

-To remove waste product, that forms in the result of metabolic reactions I.e. urine.

-To extract waste materials from blood.

-It also plays role in balancing of body fluids.

-It regulates the blood pressure regulation of human body.

-It also balances acidic regulation in human body.

-They make blood stable for other body functions.

As looking at these functions a normal person can conclude easily that without a kidney these functions would not carried by our body. Due to which a person cannot survive.

Kidney Disorders that can be fatal:

Any kind of disease, if remains untreated can lead to be fatal for person suffering from that disease.

Some names for kidney disorders that can be life hacking are:

-Polycystic kidney disease

-Hematuria (blood in urine)


-Nephritic syndrome

There are basically two types of kidney diseases:

1-Acute kidney disorders:  Diseases that are called as acute kidney diseases, includes conditions that can harm very quickly, but they are able to be treated often after good treatment. This type of condition can be cause by any medications or from its side effect.  It also may be due to any injury or infection to the kidney.

2-Chronic kidney disorders: These are the diseases that are being harming kidneys more than 3 months and cannot let kidneys to perform work properly. They damage kidneys and if remains untreated can be lead a patient to become dead. In this condition doctors often recommends for kidney transplantation treatment.

Although chronic kidney disorders can be caused by some sort of medical conditions like irregular blood pressure, heart diseases due to which small vessels connected by kidney, damages, or can be caused by diabetes mellitus. It can also be caused by hereditary kidney disorder or due to some medications that can destruct kidneys permanently.

Kidney Failure symptoms:

Kidney failure symptoms may include:

-Irregular urine flow by means of time period and coloration.

-Shortness of breath.

-Painful conditions with respect to low water consumptions in certain seasons.

-Fatigue, confusion, nausea

-Urination with blood, in critical ailments. Etc.

These are some normal symptoms that can often lead to kidney failure condition. A healthy person should go for checkup after every month with respect to his or her health issues.  At last kidney is also essential for humans because it produces hormones that help in the regulation of other body functions properly. So it is very important to keep your kidney fit and healthy.

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