Lungs Functionality in Human Body

lungs-fitness2Human body consists of thousands of functional reactions that are conducted by many of different organs. One of the main organs that are included in life extending reactions is a pair of lungs. Lungs are basically a sac like structure that mainly consists of alveoli. These alveoli work as gaseous exchanger for oxygen and carbon dioxide. Lung is mainly for playing the role in respiratory system of human or in animals as well.

Simple role of lungs in carrying oxygen:

-Basic function of human lungs is to separate oxygen and carbon dioxide from inhaled air.

-Lungs initiate the inhaled oxygen to all parts of the body included blood cells. Because this oxygen is the main source of taking breathe for humans. It is the source of energy for a human body.

-Another function is to expel out the carbon dioxide from the body, which is the waste product of the human body.

Some life hacking lungs diseases:

Some common but life threatening lungs diseases is:

-Asthma (irritation during breathe)

-Bronchitis (inflammation of bronchioles)


Lung cancers

-COPD (chronic obsessive pulmonary disease)

-Pulmonary edema.

These diseases are more common now and can be cured if well treated.

Ways to Protect and keep Lungs fit/healthy:

Your lungs need to be fresh and fit because of the purpose that they are the natural filters of the body. Lungs filter out the carbon dioxide and oxygen from inhaled air. For this main purpose we should keep our lungs free from any dangerous sort of substances to maintain our respiratory health.

Some ways to protect lungs from destroying it by other substances are given below. Read it and save your lung’s life.

Stay away from bad substances:

Smoking is a very dangerous thing that can harm human lungs 10 times greater than any other thing. Even if some is not a smoker but yet suffer from any lung related disease, it can be due to smoky area that were surrounded by the particular patient. Now you can imagine how destructive it is, with respect to your lungs.

Physical exercise can provide you increased lung capacity:

Exercises are very effective in any case related to health issues. Physical exercises in case of lungs decreased capacity problem can be very much beneficial for a person. It may include swimming in a pool or climbing to a high elevated surface. I.e. hills

Try doing exercises in water. This will increase your ability to perform more work with less breath shortness. It also develops the increased stretch capability of your lungs in normal routine outside of the water.

Lungs Transplantation:

To prevent from diseased lung, that can harm another lung in a human body. Lungs transplantation can be proceed.

Playing music or Singing:

It is a funny and interesting fact that we can also enhance our lungs capacity by singing and playing air music instruments like woodwinds. It will give a good result on your diaphragm as well as it works in normal breathing.

These were some most simple exercises or we can say that they are some simple tips that can aid you in maintaining your lungs health. Lungs need to be maintained to stay healthy and blessed!

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