Human Urinary Bladder


Sac made up of muscle that is lying in the pelvic region and behind of it there is hip bone. This organ accumulates waste water that is excreted out of the blood by the kidney. This organ is hollow and elastic. Capacity of urinary bladder is normally 400 to 600 ml. Normally, each bladder has its own capacity to store urine due to muscle of bladder in certain people; the walls of the bladder are elastic while in others walls are not as much flexible.   When the bladder is vacant, the bladder is like the size and form of a pear, but its shape will be contingent upon the volume of urine in it.

What is the function of the urinary bladder?

Its purpose is to gather the urine in it. This urine comes out from kidney which defecates out waste water from the body it travels down through the tubes that are connecting bladder and kidneys with each other in order to send waste water towards bladder. When urine is expelled out of body its muscles constrict. As the urine is accumulated in bladder, the elastic wall of the bladder, which is thin, stretches, allowing the bladder to accumulate larger volumes of urine without a substantial increase in internal pressure by the walls of the bladder.

Urinary bladder anatomy:

Walls of bladder are made up of elastic muscles. Its neck is thin and acts as an interior sphincter, which will flow out urine from the bladder. It must receive signals from pear- sympathetic nervous system.  The bladder contains a three-sided structure known as Trigon which actually stores urine in the bladder. Furthermore, it is having vessels and lymphatic system. Inner layer of the bladder is made up of connective tissues having endothelial tissues.

Urinary bladder Problems:

Now with lots of busy routine people are not having enough time to take care of themselves, they are not having a proper intake of water as a result a lot of bladder complications takes place. Another problem that might be a reason of problems related to the bladder is excessive urine this might because some problems like irritation loss of elasticity of smooth muscles.

  1. Urinary stones:

Stones produce in the kidney are of two types oxalate and phosphorus, minerals and calcium, etc.  This is due to certain reasons like sometimes urine become too much saturated with salts these sets might accumulate and will cause stones in the kidney. Stones in bladder might cause hindrance in passage of urine and will cause urinary bladder pain


  1. Urinary bladder cancer:

Tumor in bladder is mostly diagnosed soon after blood is seen in the urine. Those who are smokers or the one working on the site where lots of chemicals occurs are more likely to have this sort of cancer. Loss of hunger and pain near pelvis or abdominal region is also seen in patients having bladder cancer. Urinary bladder carcinoma has wide ranging effects on the body as well.


Urinary bladder fitness depends upon to the extent that how much you take care of yourself and flees yourself from all sorts of disorders.

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