Impact of Human Nose on Personality

human-nose-liveThe Human nose is a part of the human face which bears nostrils and also called as the organ of smell. The major functions of the human nose are that it helps to breath, it has a greater impact on human beauty and it also helps to smell the odor, it has been revealed by the recent research that human nose can smell more than a trillion odors.

The most important function of the human nose is in the breathing process, in which the air from the outside environment is inhaled and purified before reaching the lungs in the nasal cavity, the hairs on the inner lining which are called cilia of the nose prevents the large particles in air to enter the lungs in this way fresh and clean air reaches the lungs but such particles struck with the epithelial tissue and irritate the windpipe which results in the sneezing too.

The external appearance of the nose shows the shape of the human nose which has a huge impact on the human beauty. As the shape of the nose is an important, prominent and note able thing on the face of the human being. Sometime nose of some people look too big or sometimes it seems too small thus badly affecting the beautiful and elegant personality, which  can be covered by the special sort of the plastic surgery known as the Rhinoplasty which can care both the medical and aesthetic specification of nose. Generally a man has a bigger nose while a woman has a smaller nose, and looks beautiful on the face of women.

Another thing the internal anatomy of the human nose varies from the person living in the different climatic region,  a research lead by German scientists shows that people living in the various climatic region varies with the climate as the people of the cold areas has greater capacity in their nose to inhale the air while people who live in the dry and hot places has low capacity to accommodate the air in them.

The various parts of the human nose and whole nasal cavity are as follows.

Nasal bones: The nasal bones consist of the external pair of the bones running front the center of the two eyes to the over the upper lips.

Septal Cartilage: It is the cartilage which basically covered the person nasal bones.

Lateral nasal cartilage: This portion of the nose is located below the nasal cavity

Major and minor alar cartilage: Major Alas cartilage and Minor alar cartilage are two intermediate cartilages in on the nose.

Fibro-fatty tissue: It openly says that the opening of the bag is open for everyone.

Nostrils: There are two nostrils of a person, and these nostrils have been connected to the windpipe at their upper end.

Nose has not only have medical and scientific importance  but it also has cultural and social importance too as at different places in the world pinching nose is tradition and a sort of greeting  too but pinching nose too much can deform the shape of nose to so.

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