Top Tips to Prevent Aids

aidsHIV stands for Human immunodeficiency virus infection and AIDS stands for acquired immune deficiency syndrome. It is a medical condition of a person in which the immune system of that person is too weak to fight the infection causes in his body. AIDS may be called as advanced Human Immunodeficiency Virus because it is caused by HIV. A virus in the human body known as HIV, that attacks the immune system cells, gradually.The human body became defenseless and very vulnerable to infections. HIV is a symbol of very high infection.


The HIV positive symptoms.

  • Feeling like suffering from Flu

After the infection most people feel flu like symptoms after getting infected.

  • Sickness

You will get sick and the immune system will become weak gradually. After flu like feelings the virus enters into a new phase. The new phase is called latency phase.

  • No Symptom

HIV/AIDS is very tricky. Sometime or either in few people it will never create symptoms of infection caused in the human body until the progress of damaging of the immune system is complete.The person will look completely healthy.

Symptoms of AIDS are stated below

  • Swollen lymph glands
  • Vomiting, nausea, and diarrhea
  • Chronic fatigue
  • Rapid weight loss
  • Blurred or distorted vision
  • Unusual lesions on the skin rashes, tongue and bumps
  • Cough and shortness of breath
  • Chills,fever and night sweats
  • Distorted or blurred vision
  • Coma

AIDS Symptoms in women:

Symptoms of AIDS are common in men and women. There is a rare difference.In early stages the symptoms of AIDS in women are not noticeable.

Early Symptoms:

The early symptoms of HIV are Flu like feelings, with lack of energy, constant headache and fever. The symptoms may appears in years.

Swollen Glands:

Our body is full of lymph nodes, also on  the back of the head,  on neck, Gorin and also on armpits. Because of HIV infection the size of lymph became large and thus called swollen glands.

Reproductive Health:

The main symptom of AIDS in women is her reproductive health, along with the change in time of periods.

How AIDS is transmitted:

The common transmission of HIV/AIDS is sexual contact with a person infected by HIV. Another cause of AIDS is sharing syringes with other, needles or other injections. Mother to child transmission, the baby born from awoman who is infected by AIDS will also caused by AIDS.The transmission of HIV/AIDS may occur by donating blood. This is all from where the aids come from. Another question is that can you get AIDS from kissing? The answer in this case will be yes. there is a saliva in which the virus contains but with a small quantity. These are, we say the causes of HIV/AIDS.

Can HIV be cured:

HIV is currently uncureable, but a treatment process is planned for people infected by HIV/AIDS.Different medicines are combinely given to the infected person. This combination is known as Cocktail. The Cocktail is designed in such a way that it strengths the immune system. Treatment of HIV is now upgrading by new researches and is becoming easier day by day.

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