Ways to Keep your Heart More Alive

Human Heart:

heart-fitness2Human body has main and vital organ due to which blood is pumped throughout the whole body. That is called as Heart. Heart is one of the main and important system of human body which is responsible for the rotation and transportation of blood to all other parts of the body. Human heart consists of four chambers that are responsible for separation of oxygenated and deoxygenated blood all over the body.

Oxygenated blood contains oxygen that is transported to the body for making organs work actively. It is useful in the means of active metabolism mechanism. While deoxygenated blood contains many harmful toxins and is rich of carbon dioxide except of oxygen. The oxygen that is carried by deoxygenated blood in fewer amounts is delivered to the body while the carbon dioxide rich blood called as deoxygenated blood after the removal of oxygen from it.

It is a simple over view of human heart. Here in this note you will be able to find out how you can keep your heart active and fit and to keep your heart away from diseases.

Heart Troubles:

Human heart is as delicate as our brain is. Its role is to convey blood to all other parts of the body so that our body can work. As being such a delicate organ, it has many disease conditions that can harm a healthy person beyond the limits of damages. More important it can be fatal in many conditions. Such conditions are:

-Hypertensive heart disease (due to irregular blood pressure)

-Myocarditis (inflammation of heart muscle)

-Cerebrovascular disease (Penetrating of disease in brain nerves causes heart stroke)

-Ischemic heart condition (narrowing of heart arteries)

-Rheumatic heart disorder (Caused by rheumatic fever attacks)

To avoid such harmful and fatal disorders of heart, we need to look up to their primary symptoms and to consult our family doctor.


Ways to Keep your Heart More Alive:

Being a vital organ, our heart needs to be fit and healthy.

-Say no To Smoking:

To keep our heart healthy the first and most important thing is to avoid smoking. It narrows our heart muscles that are actually made for contraction and relaxation purposes.

-Be Fit:

Human heart remains fit by taking a brisk walk every day. The main effect of brisk walking on our heart is to increase heart stamina.

Maintaining Blood Pressure:

Maintain your blood pressure to reduce the chances of heart strokes. Too much low blood pressure or too much high pressure of blood can cause heart attacks.

-Sustain Cholesterol level:

Maintain your blood cholesterol level that can also leads to heart diseases.

-Oily fishes in diet:

Fishes that contain oils i.e. omega-3 fats are the main diet options that can prevent you from heart strokes.

Other Important Factors Include:

Avoid walk after a meal because after taking a meal our metabolic rate needs to be very high and human heart is responsible to provide blood and excessive energy to human gastro intestinal tract. So avoiding walk is a better option right after taking the meal.

“After this whole research one can say that this article concludes about every possible way to prevent yourself from heart diseases and to keep your heart fit from all other disease conditions by little effort and care.”

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